Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

A - 1-2 - General questions
B - 1-6 - Accounts, memberships, earning
C - 1-4 - Portfolio, advertise, refund, term
D - 1-4 - Payment methods, payment limits, payin and payout handling, etc.
E - 1-4 - Security and terms



A.1 - What is Adpack Share Club?
The short name of the Adpack Share Club is ASC. The ASC is a revenue-share based advertising club and You can participate in our savings program by purchasing at least one adpack.

A.2 - Is ASC based on a ponzi scheme?
No! We offer adpacks and give up to 110-120% cashback on your purchase. We cover the daily redistribution from the money received from the ads and the portfolio operating in the background.



B.1 - Can you join Adpack Share Club for free?
Yes, you can  join for free. After registration - within 30 days - you must rent at least one adpack, otherwise your account will be suspended or deleted.

B.2 - Can you own more than one account?
It is strictly forbidden to register more than one account/person. If fraud is discovered, the affected accounts will be suspended or deleted (without refund).

B.3 - Free and Top membership
You can be a Free and Top member in ASC. First, you will become free member and you can purchase the Top membership later. ROI is higher in Top membership.

B.4 - Do you need to purchase adpacks to earn?
Yes - you need! Each purchased adpack contains advertising credits. You can use credits at surf ad system.

B.5 - What other ways are there to earn from Adpack Share Club?
You can earn from our site in 3 ways:

- Adpacks - earn sharing back from our revenue
- Surf ad clicks - you get 1 ASC token per ad view (maximum 10 ads/day)
- Adpack sales commissions - 2+1% referral commission on 2 levels

B.6 - Do you need to view ads to earn?
No, you do not need to view any ads to earn daily. Ad surfing is voluntary at Revenue Sharing/Surf menu.



C.1 - Can you advertise other businesses on this site?
Yes, you can. You have two ways for banner advertising:

1. With Surf Ad credits with (your purchased adpacks contains)
2. You can buy Banner Ad (125x125 and 728x90 pixels)
3. You can buy Fixed Banner Ads anywhere on this site (on Login ad, dashboard, logout ad, etc.). Ask for special offer!

C.2 - What is your refund policy?
Due to the nature of the product we sell, there will be no refunds.

C.3 - How long does it take for adpack to mature?
We don't know exactly because daily earnings are not fixed.

C.4 - What happens in an economic crisis?
ASC reserves the right to temporarily change the terms of operation of this website (including maturity, daily redistribution rate and payment schedule) in the event of an economic crisis or unexpected, unforeseen, adverse market developments.



D.1 - What are the withdrawal limits, terms and fees?
- You can withdrawal every 24 hours once (except on Saturday and Sunday).
- Each payouts is manual due to security reasons
- Deposit is free and  withdrawal fee is 5% + $0.2
- Withdrawal limit minimum: $20 and the daily payouts are maximalized in $100/Day.
- Payout term is 24-48 hours
- You can withdraw money from Monday to Friday.
- No payout on Saturday and Sunday!

D.2 - Can you request withdraw without active adpack?
No, you can't request! If you do not have at least one active adpack, you can not withdraw money!

D.3 - What kind of payment methods accepted?
We are using and accepting only digital wallets: crypto wallets, Perfect Money, Payeer.

D.4 - What are the accepted currencies?
We are accepting USD and several Cryptocurrencies as you can see above.

D.5 - Do payins are instant?
Perfect Money, Payeer and bitcoin payins are instant (but for cryptocurrencies, the processing time can be up to 60 minutes)



E.1 - How can you change your payment details?
You can change yourself the payment details in Profile/Settings panel

E.2 - What can you do if you forgot password?
You can request a password reset on login page

E.3 - What is the requirement to join Adpack Share Club?
You must be at least 18 years old. Members must read and understand our Terms of Services before joining!


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