We are 3 years old yet! 8/29/2023 1:05:33 PM

Hello Dear Visitors and Our Devoted members!

We are 3 years old - and now we can say: We survived flawlessly the past 3 years... If we think back to this 3 years... we had many many bad things all over the world! And yet! We are still here - stronger than ever before!

Thank you for your trust - without you all of this cannot happen!

And our past? Our first payout was on 18/09/2020 18:23:45 since then... we have tons of payouts always in time in the FAQ-determined time frame! (You can see all our payouts in the Payment Proofs section - without the need to login in the inner website. We do not hide anything - so everyone can see the truth about the payments since the beginnings!)

Thank you boys and girls - I wish Us many years to come ahead Us -> Come, sail together to the next year! ---> Lexy and Irina