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What is Adpack Share Club's target?

Adpack Share Club (ASC) is an advertising revenue sharing platform. Our goal is to provide our club members with a stable income in the long run.

Can I advertise my own program?

Absolutely! Each adpack guarantees a certain number of advertising credits that you can use in the internal and external advertising space. Our ad slots generate revenue for you and us.

When did ASC start operating?

The website was launched in August, 2020. We have developed our own mathematically based compensation package, which provides a stable income even in difficult times.

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity for a long time but haven’t found it yet, then I have a good news for you: You found it!

If you’re not sure yet, join our Facebook group where you can connect with our old members. Ask them what they think of the Adpack Share Club.

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The revenue-sharing advertising market has been completely reorganized due to the economic consequences of COVID 19. Revshare companies that have been operating for years have also shaken and gone out of business. New and crisis-proof plans had to be developed for revshare program admins.
We also finished with our own plans, which were calculated to be sustainable in the long run. We don’t promise quick get-rich-quick, we don’t promise you’ll have a beach vacation or yacht by the Adpack Share Club.
We can provide predictable and stable operations to our members, who honor us with their trust.

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AP 10
  • Price: $10
  • Maturity: 110%
  • Surf Ad Credits: 15
  • Maximum Packs: 50
  • No Need to Surf Ads


AP 50
  • Price: $50
  • Maturity: 120%
  • Surf Ad Credits: 60
  • Maximum Packs: 30
  • No Need to Surf Ads



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We are using and accepting only digital wallets: Perfect Money, Payeer and Coinpayments (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, etc.).

Referral program

We offer 2% commission on 1. level and 0,5% on 2. level for profit pack rentals. We offer 0,5% commission for Surf Ad purchasing.

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